Metal Plating

When you are use metal plating at Lucky Mastering,  we can have your plates made and sent to your record press of choice.  We can also arrange to have all of your Stampers and Metal Plates sent back to you for your own protective custody. Some put theirs behind glass and hang them on a wall.  Sometimes they make for great promotional pieces.

Historically speaking, groups have been known to a number of nostalgic or even superstitious things when retiring their pressing plates or Mothers, rendering their LP or 7″ Out Of Print or Limited Edition in the process. I’ve heard of circumstances where the Rat Pack buried the Mother plates from a record they put together, in the bottom of the Casino that it was recorded in, just before it was blown to the ground with dynamite. Almost like burying a person or loved one. It’s also what they make the Gold or Platinum record out of, if you sell enough of them.

At Lucky, I prefer to have the Metal Plating work handled on my account. It allows me the proper forum with the plating facilities and also properly warranty your metal work or cuts, with the metal plating facility and your pressing plant. The cost is already factored into the pricing. There are only a couple plants that object to this, which makes them difficult to work with.

Coincidentally enough, these are also the plants with more quality issues than the ones who are more flexible with my process.