Etched Sides

A unique way to customize a record, etched sides is the process where a design is etched into the master lacquer’s surface, metal plated and then pressed as a B side, instead of a side containing audio cuts. This creates a permanent, textured pattern on the record that you can see on the surface and illuminate with a backlight when pressing translucent vinyl.

Etched art can range from simple designs to complex patterns and even words or phrases. A great way to personalize a record and make it a one of a kind item. And also a solution for shorter EP’s, that call for the 12″ LP format.

Etched side cost the same as an audio cut, per side.

If you are doing a one sided record, or just want to go nuts with your release, I can etch your art into one of the sides of your record pressing. See the pictures to see some samples of what I can do and have done.