Audio Restoration & Transcription Services

Restoration is a specialty that I often refer to as miracle work. It costs a bit more, but not that much, when compared to the amount of hours that I must commit to, to repair your damaged audio. I have literally taken restoration software to it’s furthest limits and have literally performed miracles on damaged audio that people had called irreparable.

Send me your 80’s demo tape, your DAT, your ADAT, 1/2” or 1/4” reels, old tracks or even your last copy of the vinyl. Miracles have been performed on all of the above. I also have access to some massive private libraries, if you don’t have the “demo” or decent copy any more. We often find enough of them to pick from the best sources for your release.

Whether you have old tapes, vinyl records, or digital recordings, professional audio restoration can give you incredible sound quality. We can honor the original mastering, or we can enhance the sound of your audio recordings for every sonic benefit. Either direction you choose, you will still have an original Archival Master delivered with your final Master File. This will ensure that your audio recordings are preserved for future generations. With your final set of Master and Archival Files from Lucky, and a new Vinyl ReMaster, your audio recordings will stand the test of time and remain in pristine condition.

Professional audio restoration services can repair drop outs large and small, remove unwanted noise, hiss, and crackles from your audio recordings. And can ensure that your audio recordings will sound as good as the day they were recorded.

Contact me directly for pricing.